The Remote Control Book

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My boyfriend downloaded the remote control book and printed it out on paper with roses around the edges. He filled it out with just the information I needed. It really was a loving gift. What a guy.

- Elizabeth M.

Im a senior, it seems every year the world gets more technical. We accumulate more and more remotes every year that passes. Now the basic buttons are easy to find.. because this book is customized just for the remotes in our home.

- Mel G.

Find Every File for the MAC is amazing.
 One search find it all. A physical photo, a physical slide and a print from a magazine as well as a digital photo on my hard drive.
I liked that you could try it and get a free trial at  

- Tina B

My husband does not groan and call me a remote control idiot anymore.
A relationship saver. Thanks!

- Maria G.

It's very comforting to know that there is a book that explains the basic steps with pictures that are worth a thousand words. Thanks!

- Paul H.



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